The definitive study of Lee’s military genius during the Seven Days Campaign that saved the Confederacy


Read the ground-breaking study of the Seven Days Campaign of 1862, Robert E. Lee at War – Hope Arises from Despair.

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  • “If he ever gets the opportunity, he will prove himself the greatest captain in history.” — Gen. Winfield Scott

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“If he ever gets the opportunity, he will prove himself the greatest captain in history.” — Gen. Winfield Scott

“Lee reasoned that with the battle not yet decided, Powell Hill’s men had to be supported. The only question was how.”

“However capable Lee was in his organizational abilities, taking the reins of the principal Confederate army would be his greatest test.”

“The inability of his subordinates to effect concerted action at Malvern Hill was the final piece of evidence for Lee that the army’s existing command structure was woefully defective.”

“Lee’s intrepid plan sought to maximize the advantages of the central position that Southern forces held in relation to McClellan and other Federal commands in Northern Virginia.”

Characterizing this project as very impressive is an understatement. It is beyond any expectations I have ever seen in a military history book. I will be buying a couple of copies, one for me and another for a Christmas gift.

Jim S. | Shreveport, LA

Bowden has created a masterpiece! With a heretofore unseen wealth of research and knowledge, Robert E. Lee’s approach to defending the South in war has been laid out for the reader with clarity, depth and unflinching truth. At long last, all the questions are answered.

Virginia K. | Dallas, TX

This is an absolutely gorgeous book! Quality materials, beautiful illustrations, voluminous appendices with great info.  Good job!

Ken M. | Denton, TX

Scott Bowden’s new book, Robert E. Lee At War: Hope Arises From Despair, is an extraordinary publication. This reviewer can’t recommend this book highly enough, especially if one is a student of Robert E. Lee.

Frank Powell | Editor in Chief Confederate Veteran Magazine

It's amazing. It is not simply a history book, but a work of art.

Jacob R. | Abilene, TX

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